These are your 2018-19 Committee members. This has been put up so the Members know who to contact.

Roles and responsibilities:

President: Sam (sammi_d)

Ultimate responsibility for decisions for club direction, how it will address various issues and make sure we are responsible in the handling of our funds and cost decisions.

Vice President 1: Chris (Redline_GTR)

Co-ordinate events, merchandise and other club initiatives.

Vice President 2: Corinne (D_I_F)

Co-ordinate events, merchandise and other club initiatives.

Treasurer: Ciaron (crashdown)

Responsible for all financial aspects, including managing vendors, reimbursing execs that have paid club expenses from their own personal funding and maintaining the accounting for the club.

Secretary: Adam (Riseofbrutality)

Responsible for memberships, renewals and member communications.

We also have a general committee,

Motorsport:  Sam (sammi_d)

Social media: Adam (Riseofbrutality) 

Website: Corinne (D_I_F) and Sam (sammi_d)

Social Events: Chris (Redline_GTR) and Corinne (D_I_F)

Merchandise: Sam (sammi_d)

Finally, I’d like to say a big thanks to all of the outgoing committee members, the club appreciates all of your help.