What is Skylines Australia NSW Inc.(SAU NSW)?

We are the Nissan Skyline Enthusiasts’ Club. If you own one or just admire Skylines in general then we are the club for you. The club holds social and track events throughout the year.

How is the club (SAU NSW) different to the forums (SAU)?

The Club was formed by a group of like minded forum users. It uses the NSW Members’ area as one of the ways for members to communicate.

The forums and the club are entirely separate entities.

How do I become a member of Skylines Australia NSW (SAU NSW)?
Becoming a member is as easy as going to our online store and filling in the online form. Once you have sent the form, you can post in this thread on the forum, to let us know. SAUNSW Club Membership


What does being a member entitle me to?
Well, if the prestige and knowledge that you are a part of Australia’s largest Skyline enthusiast group isn’t enough, then take a look at what else you receive:

*Discounts on entry to club events.

*SAU NSW is CAMS affiliated (the first Skyline club in Australia to do so, VIC is the other) entitling club members to apply for the appropriate licences to enter motor sport events.

You will receive a membership card, car sticker and lanyard when you join. You can attend and vote at the AGM and have a say in how your club is run.

What sort of events does Skylines Australia NSW hold?
The events that the club runs, and participates in, include:
*Track Days
*Skidpan Days
*Super Sprints
*Drag Meets
*and most other forms of club level motor sport.

We also participate in varied social events such as BBQs, Cruises and any other activity where a bunch of people who share the love of the same set of taillights can gather.

Okay, so I have filled in the form and sent it off, what happens next?
Once we receive your membership form and payment, you are added to the SAU NSW Members section of the online forum, email list, etc. Your membership card, etc. will then be sent to you as well. Please allow up to 3 weeks for membership package to arrive.

If I need to know what’s happening to my membership, where can I find out?

By posting in this thread on the forums

SAUNSW Club Membership

By email : skylinesausnsw@gmail.com

Are there any club rules or guidelines I need to read over?
There sure are. Have a read of the Skylines Australia NSW Rules and Constitution attached below.

Right Click HERE

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